Blown film machine definition

Blown film machine definition
Film blowing machine is re-melted plastic particles blown film.

Film blowing machine for very many, there is PE, POF and so on.

Blow with the new particle is the new material, color and symmetrical, clean, good stretch the bag.

It was also made of recycled plastic bags to particles, which are generally called the old material, made of particles is usually gray, usually in bags made to add color, colored bags made of uneven, brittle and easily broken the price is low.

Although the recycling of plastic bags but are generally in the process of waste bag bags and plastic waste in the usual sense have a lot of difference.

Blown film composed by the motor ①, ② cylinder, ③ head, ④ dies, ⑤ v plate, ⑥ on the wheel, ⑦ flat pulley, ⑧ on wheel 2, ⑨ wind part of the nine

LLDPE and LDPE raw materials, the temperature is 160 - 180 degrees

HDPE the temperature is 210-230 degrees

Film blowing machine is the work of the three factors most important

A temperature (machine temperature, room temperature)

Two spiral

Third Cooling System

Film blowing machine is suitable for the production of various high-end film packaging. The barrier film due to its good preservation, moisture, frost, and oxygen, oil, can be used in light and heavy packaging. Such as various fruits, meat, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverage, pharmaceutical supplies.