Words from your friend Jim

Dear Customers from all over the world:

This is Jim your friend from Songshan Machinery. I am now sitting in office writing this article.

Well now I have been working in Songshan for four years and I am happy with my job. Why I am happy? Well if you ask me, I will tell you the truth, that I am well paid, hhhaaaaaa, that's a kidding, then what,read the following and you will know:

1. Me and you most of my customers, are friends more than business partner. That we can talk freely on Skype or MSN, and we do business by quite easy way.

2. Frankly speaking my boss he is such a good boss. Always kind hearted, although little bit conservative, don't worry my friend, my boss will not read this sentence,hahaaaaaa. So you see I am happy with everyboday working in this factory, not only me, everybody is happy here, happy working.......

3. Well, the most important is, that I know you are satisfied with our machines..

Time to dinner now, back in 1 hour, see you later